StarLogos 3: Israel – 27-29 February 2016

The StarLogos 3: Israel will be held over three days 27-29 February 2016  – Saturday afternoon till Monday lunchtime in the desert town of Zukim, in the Negev (Arava) desert of southern Israel. 

Designed as a small focused gathering, StarLogos 3: Israel is comprised of one dedicated stream of lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions all on Visual Astrology, the sky and the stars taught by Drs Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg.

Three days, two speakers and less than 20 delegates, this is a place where you learn, and then learn how to apply what you learn. It is also a time where, under the Israeli skies, you can ‘meet’ the constellations, the stars, and the sky. At night we will have no moon and the stars of Leo to Pisces will be visible, along with, possibly, the Milky Way. We will also have the chance to watch the Hydra rise. We will be up again before the dawn light on Sunday morning in order to see Venus and Mercury rising in the stars of Capricorn. StarLogos 3: Israel is a unique experience where the days are filled with lectures and learning and the nights are filled with stars.


Urania Astrology Conference in Israel Feb 25-26 will be hosting 4 lectures by Drs Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg:
Thursday Feb 25th


   The Centaurs and how we make transitions – Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg

Since 1992 a number of new orbiting bodies have been discovered in the outer solar system beyond Neptune in what is called the Kuiper belt. Too large to be called comets and too ice-like to be called asteroids, they are known simply as the “kuiperoids” or Trans-Neptunians. Seven of the former members of the Kuiper belt have been discovered so far. Three have been named after Centaurs: Chiron in 1977, Pholus in 1992 and Nessus in 1993.

The Centaurs were creatures living in the mountains of Thessaly having the upper part of a human being and the lower part of a horse. They represent the “other voices” in the chart, linking the outer planets of the collective with Saturn, the Gate Keeper of the visible planets. As such they teach us how to handle change. Thus when a person is under the influence of a Centaur, he or she has to go through a transformation. This lecture looks at these recent discoveries in the light of the irrevocable changes that each Centaur brings and links it with the understanding of how people make transitions


 Working with Difficult Transits – Dr Bernadette Brady 

When you see heavy times ahead what can you advise yourself and/or your clients? How do you find the balance between clarity without filling your client with apprehension? Finding an answer to these questions takes the astrologer directly to the heart of predictive astrology and considers such questions of, ‘What are we doing when practice predictive astrology?’ and ‘Why do we do it

Friday Feb 26th


Visual Astrology – an Introduction

Your chart, focused on the ecliptic, gives you a two dimensional view of the sky and therefore a two dimensional astrological view of yourself. The lived experience, however, is different. The sky is both a dome above you and a dome below you and by stepping back from the two dimensional horoscope, we gain a glimpse of a complete three-dimensional view of the self. This view is filled with stars and constellation mythology which adds to the horoscopic view of self. This new view combines with your horoscope by informing, adding images, and inserting ancient sky myths into your planetary aspects and configurations. This is not new astrology, just forgotten astrology – astrology at its genesis. Bernadette and Darrelyn will show you how to use visual astrology to give you a new view of your relationship with the cosmos.


Optional activity: Visiting the Dead Sea on Saturday Feb 27th and Jerusalem after the desert workshop

Workshop LocationDesert Days, an ecological village.

Conference Location: Hotel Q, Netanya – website

If you would like to stay at the Q Hotel Please Let us know. It's recommended to make the reservation as early as possible



*StarLogos 3:Israel – Desert workshop: 1350 NIS before 31/12/2015 – 1450 after 31/12/2015

Prices including accommodation in a shared hut, 4 meals and the workshop. Private (single) accommodation is possible with additional payment. Please take into consideration that the huts have ecological toilets. If you feel that you need a different accomodation please let us know asap.

**Conference lectures with Drs Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg: 340 NIS

*** Lunch in Conference days: 70 NIS (1 meal), Lunch will be available in both conference days.

**** Not included in the prices: Travel expenses , Accommodation in Netanya/Tel Aviv, Transportation (we will be happy to help arranging by request) and extra meals.

All payments will be through Paypal

For registration and more information please contact Gali: